DutchInvestor is dedicated to Market Intelligence and Market Information. Empowerment of institutional professionals is our 'raison d' etre'. We dig into institutional markets, players and staff to deliver clients the data and information they need to make decisions, perform analysis and develop their business.

DutchInvestor makes the institutional market transparent by using a structred and creative approach. Market Intelligence is called neutral research about the structure of  institutional markets, sectors, players and products. In this field we deliver White papers and Case Studies on a contractual basis. Client Surveys Investigations. Market Information regards providing a platform for institutional players to furnish thought articles about institutional issues. 

We work with asset managers and pension plans. Some clients are seeking to apply expertise in a specific asset class or geography, while others are looking to evolve their business to improve growth, profitability and sustainability. We support clients on questions relating to strategy, or shifting business configuration, We combine industry knowledge and independence. 

DutchInvestor is an independent, privately owned company (B.V.), based in Amsterdam. 


Frits Bosch, director DutchInvestor