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Network: this module has been made for finding key decision makers according to asset class, last name, employer and job title by using the text bloc. For instance: insert ‘ABP’ + Search button and you receive a list of key decision makers of ABP.

Or you can select portfolio managers of a particular asset class. For instance: insert in text bloc ‘Fixed Income’ + Asset Managers button + Search + Download list of addresses and you receive a list of all fixed income managers by name, job title and employer.

Do you wish to have a detailed list of addresses?

Use the tool for downloading: select the Pension funds button or Asset Managers or Consultants or All button. Press Search button + Download and you receive a list of addresses at the bottom, including names, addresses and email addresses. For instance: press Pension funds button + Search + Download address list and receive email addresses of all pension funds; likewise of Asset Managers and Consultants. For obvious reasons, keep in mind that this information is rather confidential.

Please be aware of the fact that staff members constantly change position, implying that the list may not always be up-to-date. Please also note that not all email addresses are made available.

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NameEmployerJob titleLinkedIn
Aalst, P.C. vanWolters Kluwer Nederland, St. PensioenfondsDirecteur
Aalst, P.C. vanWaterbouw, St. Bpf.Member of the Investment Committee
Aalst, P.C. vanStrategeonDirecteur
Aalst, R. vanPVVMember of the Second Chamber for Infrastructure and Environment
Aanstoot, H.K.H.Noordhollandsche van 1816, Levensverzekeringsmaatschappij N.V.Chairman of the Board of Directors
Aanstoot, M.Wolters Kluwer Nederland, St. PensioenfondsContact person
Aarts, M. A.KAS BankProduct Manager Global Fund Services
Aartsen, Mark vanAPGSenior Portfolio Manager
Aaten, ThijsAPGManaging Director Treasury & Trading
Abe, MasatakaRobecoClient Service Director
Abeen, E.C.Pon, St. Psf.Member of the Board
Aben, G.Horeca en Catering, St. Bpf.Chairman of the Board
Abma, N.AFS GroupDirector Client Relations & Sales
Abrahamsen, B.M&G InvestmentsDirector of Fixed Income Portfolio Management
Acar, SevincPGGM InvestmentsHead of Beta Investment Grade Credit
Acht, Harold vanKempen Capital ManagementSenior Portfolio Manager Fixed Income
Ackerley, A.BlackRock Netherlands B.V.CMO & COO for Marketing
Adamczyk, A.NN Investment PartnersSenior Portfoliomanager
Adamini, M.ACTIAMBoard Member ´Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative´
Adams, C.Allianz Global InvestorsCIO
Adebowale, AnthonyManSales Operations
Adema, M.MontaeBoard Member
Aders, AVereenigde Effecten Compagnie, De (VEC)
Adriaans, J.L.M.Campina, St. Psf.Member of the Board
Adriaans, R.Coram, St. Psf.Board Member
Afink, JeroenRobecoInvestors Relations Director
Agema, F.PVVGroup Vice-Chairman and Member of the Second Chamber for Elderly Care, Disability Care and Youth Care
Aggarwal, V.BFinanceSenior Analist
Agostinho, T.DekaBankInstitutionelle Kunden Ausland, Abteilungsdirektor
Ahlers, S.Whiteball
Ahluwalia, R.At KearneyKnowledge Manager, Financial Institutions Group
Aitken, S.Legal & General Investment ManagementHead of Institutional Business EMEA
Aken, A. vanSEI Investments
Aken, E. vanOCI NitrogenDirector of Supply Chain
Akkerman, A.J.PMT, St. Bpf. Metaal en TechniekChairman of the Investment Committee & Member of the Board
Akkerman, AlbertHoreca en Catering, St. Bpf.Member of the Board
Akkerman, JohnMacKay ShieldsExecutive Managing Director & Global Head of Distribution
Albanese, T.UBS Global Asset ManagementHead Infrastructure Debt
Albrecht, F.F.Tandartsen en Tandarts-Specialisten, St. Psf. (SPT)Board Member
Albrecht, R.Alliance, St. Psf (Nestlé)Board Member
Albrecht, R.Hunter Douglas, St. Psf.Chairman of the Investment Committee
Albrecht, RikOWASE, St. PsfFiduciair Investment Consultant
Albrecht, RikAlbrecht AdviesFiduciair Investment Consultant
Albrechtslund, M.Sparinvest S.A. (Luxembourg)
Alderlieste, M.E.P.Cindu International, St. Psf.Vice-Chairman of the Board
Alders, J.G.M.Zorg en Welzijn, St. Psf.President
Aleman, MHuntsman Rozenburg, St. Psf.Member of the Board
Aler, M.A.G.Robein LevenDirector
Alferink, GerardHibin (Handel in Bouwmaterialen), St. Bpf.Chairman of the Board
Algra, A.J.Gasunie, St. Psf.Deputy-Secretary of the Board
Allerding, BOxyorpartner
Almeida, A.AFS GroupSales Fixed Income
Alphen, Dennis vanPGGM InvestmentsSenior Investment Manager Infrastructure
Alphen, E.P.A. vanProtector (Exxon Mobil), St. Psf.
Alphen, J. vanDelta Lloyd, St. Psf.Chairman Investment Committee & Member of the Board
Altena, KarelSNS Reaal Groep, St. Psf.Member of the Board
Altena, R. vanKPMG Advisory N.V.Partner
Altenburg, NellyPNO Media, St. Bpf. voor hetIndependent Chairman of the board
Altink, A.Baillie GiffordMarketing Director for Europe, Institutional Clients
Altundal, N.Molenaars, St. Psf.Member of the Board
Altundal, N.Kunststof en RubberIndustrie, St. Bpf.Secretary of the Board
Amaria, C.LyxorDeputy Head Alternative Investments Business Line
Amerongen, Arjen vanPGGM InvestmentsDirector
Amhaouch, M.CDAMember of the Second Chamber for Foreign Trade and Development, Innovation, Corporate Policy and (International) Corporate Social Responsibility.
AMID, e. (elmehdi)Infomineo
Amlal, MohammedAchmea Investment ManagementFund Manager Real Estate & Finance
Amrani, Anice elAPGSenior Portfolio Manager Emerging Markets Fixed Income
Anbeek, D.WereldhaveCEO
Andrews, M.Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd, NetherlandsHead of Client Service
Andringa, M.R.PME, St. Bedrijfs- en vroegpensioenfondsExecutive Manager Asset Management
Andriuskeviciute, S.Eaton Vance Management (International) Ltd.
Ankum-Griffioen, E.J.Triodos Investment ManagementHead of Business Development & Investor Relations
Ansing, M.A.Th.PWCActuarieel Adviseur
Ansing, M.A.Th.PwCActuarieel Adviseur
Ansinger, ErikPGGM InvestmentsManager PPI
Appel, E.J.Ernst & Young, St. PsfMember of the Board
Appels, WietekeKempen Capital ManagementAccountmanager Third Party Distribution
Arends-Croes, M.AIB EFSExecutive Manager
Ariaans, M.A.S.Rabobankorganisatie, St. PensioenfondsBoard Member, Investment Committee
Arib, K.PVDAMember of the Second Chamber and Chairman
Arisse, D.P.Holland Casino, St. Psf.Member of the Board
Arissen, F.M.Partij voor de DierenMember of the Second Chamber
Arissen, JorritKempen Capital ManagementSenior Portfolio Manager Real Estate
Ark, T. vanVVDMember of the Second Chamber
Arkel-Rijbroek, Anne-Marike vanAccountancy, St. Psf. voor deBoard Member
Arkesteijn, EstherRobecoTraffic Officer
Arnoldus, Y.Triple A - Risk Finance CertificationSenior Risk Consultant
Arnopolin, Y.Goldman Sachs Asset Management InternationalLead Portfolio Manager - EMD
Arora, R. (RIcha)MCK
Arora, RichaMckinsey & Company USAGFIC, Asset Management
As, D. vanBouw, St. Bpf. voor deDirector Pension Fund
Asgede, S.SEB Asset ManagementClient Executive Institutional Fund Sales
Asscher, L.F.PVDAMember of the Second Chamber
Asselt, Céline vanAPGChief Finance and Risk Officer
Asselt, R. vanSprenkels & VerschurenPartner
Ast, R. vanWDPGeneral Manager The Netherlands
Attema, D.TVM verzekeringenActuary & Financial risk manager
Aubel, O.G.J.M. vanMedische Specialisten, St. Psf.Secretary of the Board
Aurik, J.At Kearney Johan Aurik Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board
Auwaerter, C.Beutel Goodman & Company Ltd.Vice President, Institutional Business Development and Client Service