A.G. Bisset Associates, LLC


A.G. Bisset Associates is a currency risk management specialist. We manage currency overlay and currency alpha programs for institutional clients in Europe and North America. We gained our first European pension fund currency overlay mandate in 1992. Since 1981, we have served public and priv... more

Key Staff

  • Alfred Bisset
  • Ulf Lindahl
    CIO and Senior Vice President

Specialist Services

A.G. Bisset Associates provides active and passive currency overlay management and currency investment strategies tailored to a client's risk and return objectives (Bisset's Theme-Based Currency Program that can be applied to hedge equity market tail risk) . Bisset is an SEC registered investment manager with a highly disciplined model-driven investment strategy applied to currency management since 1988. Bisset has over thirty years of currency research and currency investment management experience. A current investment report can be requested at our website www.agbisset.com.