APG is the abbreviation for APG Group. APG Group consists of three subsidiaries: APG Algemene Pensioen Groep N.V. (APG), Cordares Holding N.V. and Loyalis N.V. APG Group's mission is maintaining the vitality of a pension system based on collectivity and solidarity, so that it remains attractive for ... more

Key Staff

  • Alwin Oerlemans
    Chief Strategy Officer
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  • Ronald Wuijster
    Chief Client Officer and CIO
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  • Ronald van Dijk
    Head of Developed Markets Equities
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  • Ron Boots
    Head of Infrastructure Europa
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  • Herman Bots
    Head of European Fundamental Equities
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  • Anice el Amrani
    Senior Portfolio Manager Emerging Markets Fixed Income
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  • Rob van den Goorbergh
    Head of Investment Research
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  • RenĂ© van der Zeeuw
    Managing Director APG Asset Mgt, Emerging Markets

Specialist Services

Liability driven asset management; Fiduciary Management