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KBI Global Investors (KBIGI) is an established multi strategy institutional asset management boutique based in Dublin, Ireland, currently managing assets for a variety of client types based in Europe, North America and Asia. KBIGI is majority owned (87.5%) by Amundi Asset Management, the largest ... more

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KBI Global Investors is an institutional asset manager headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with sales offices in Boston and New York. We manage assets on behalf of clients based in the UK, Europe, Canada, US and Asia. We have been managing assets, including long only equity mandates for over 30 years (since 1980) and currently offer specialist equity strategies to institutional investors on both a segregated and pooled vehicles basis. Our principal goals as an investment firm is to be first to market with value-adding, unique investment offerings. We believe investment strategies should be differentiated and innovative, enabling investors to generate consistent alpha with less risk. To this end, we were the first manager to develop a diversified (all industries and regions) global equity strategy using a dividend based methodology. This strategy outperformed the MSCI World Index with great consistency since its 2003 launch. We have taken the same methodology and applied it to other regions achieving similar risk and return characteristics. In addition, we developed a suite of Natural Resource Equity Strategies which launched in 2000 - these strategies are designed to find the companies that will benefit from the significant investment in infrastructure and technology created by the supply, demand and regulatory imbalances that are prevalent for the essential resources of water, food and energy. At KBI Global Investors, we have designed the business around specialist investment teams. This focus on specialisation is extremely important in allowing us to generate excess return for our clients. Each team is exclusively focused on understanding the nuances of markets, themes, sectors and companies specific to their strategy enabling them to consistently gain insights that investors with a broader focus may miss. Both strategies are designed to capture long term investment trends that we believe are relevant for the foreseeable future.