NN Investment Partners


NN lnvestment Partners is a global asset manager and part of NN Group, a global Insurance institution of Dutch origin. NN lnvestment Partners manages in aggregate approximately EUR 245 bln* (USD 280 bln*) billions in assets for institutions and individual investors worldwide. NN lnvestment Partners ... more

Key Staff

  • Stan Beckers
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  • Hans Stoter
    Chief Investment Officer
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  • Ashish Goyal
    Head of Emerging Market Equities
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  • Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen
    Head of Multi Asset Boutique
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  • Wilco Bootsma
    Senior Consultant Relations Manager
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  • Monique Nooteboom
    Sr Business Developer APF
  • Caroline Wroblewski
    Hoofd Media & Externe Communicatie

Specialist Services

We believe in partnerships in which we and our clients can maximize each other’s individual abilities. As partner to clients, we work side by side, provide them with solutions and address their needs. We commit to helping them fulfil their dreams and achieve their financial goals. We strive to guide them forward, beyond today and tomorrow. We continue to invest in our people, products and services to attain the best results possible. Our strategy for a bigger and better business remains the same. We’ll have the same service, the same philosophy and the same people, together partnering for success. Specialist services are offered in the equity and fixed income asset classes combined with balanced portfolios, including specialties such as Asset Backed Securities, Structured Products, Multi-Manager and Alternative strategies. We offer Fiduciary Asset Management services through Integrated Client Solutions (ICS), Defined Contribution schemes and together with pension administrator AZL we currently launch an ‘APF’ in the Dutch pension market. Support is provided by information packages and interactive models to determine individual risk profiles and investment behaviour and financial targets. The result is client-specific advice on long-term investment strategies. A dedicated unit provides advice on issues related to ALM. We have a modular approach regarding Integrated Client Solutions (ICS), in which the components: strategic asset allocation, balance sheet management, LDI, manager selection and monitoring (by Altis) and reporting have been brought together on a flexible platform. This enables us to meet up to the specific wishes of Institutional investors. Our Multi Asset team is responsible for the tactical asset allocation-process where investments are made across different asset classes, like fixed income, equity and/or real estate. NN IP has extensive experience in designing and managing LDI strategies. LDI defines our history, as the manager of our parent company’s balance sheet. Our experience in managing life insurance balance sheets – clearly embedded in a hedging or matching framework – has been a significant catalyst in managing third party LDI mandates as well. Our third party clients involve pension funds as well as life and health care insurers. LDI Portfolio Management is responsible for the implementation of all LDI mandates and funds within NN IP, according to the agreed client’s guidelines. Its responsibilities do therefore not overlap with those of LDI Advice. LDI Portfolio Management resides within NN IP’s investment engine. As such, the team has ample access to all LDI, fixed income research and portfolio management resources, such as trading, global fixed income, multi asset and cash & collateral management, within NN IP’s investment engine. The insurance boutique, which manages the parent company’s assets, resides strictly outside NN IP’s investment engine, even though LDI professionals from both the insurance boutique and LDI Group do share best practices. Fitvermogen: FitVermogen is the execution only transaction website of NN Investment Partners B.V. That means private investors can invest ‘online’ with FitVermogen without investment advice. FitVermogen is in principle intended for everyone in the Netherlands over the age of 18 years who wants to accrue capital via NN investment funds in order to realise their specific goals.