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The institutional Asset Management activity of Petercam was launched in the mid-80s, when pension funds granted us assets to manage and the first global fixed income fund was launched. The investment philosophy has always been active management and long only. In 1991, the first equity funds were lau... more

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  • Laurent Melon
  • Marco van Diesen
    Sales & Account Manager Institutional Asset Management
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Specialist Services

We have a traditional approach in the sense that we are a long-only asset manager. Petercam’s funds are actively managed. Our investment philosophy is based on the conviction that active portfolio management generates consistent and risk-controlled outperformance. We believe that inefficiencies exist in financial markets and that a research-based approach with a focus on valuation and identification of long-term sustainable driving forces leads to consistent alpha generation and creates value in portfolio management. Our disciplined investment process allows us to capitalize on these market inefficiencies at all stages of the investment cycle and under different market conditions. We are “bottom-up” stock-pickers, relying heavily on our (internal) qualitative fundamental research.We tend to have a high level of active share. Sector and region choices are the result of individual stock picking, and not vice versa. Petercam’s key features are the following: - Independent asset management: Petercam is an independent company that concentrates on managing assets for its clients. Our intellectual independence guarantees thorough commitment to our clients in a long-term partnership. - Active management: “benchmark aware but not a benchmark hugger” with a three year investment horizon. - Fundamental research-based approach: research including a systematic analysis of the factors influencing financial markets is the cornerstone of the decision-making process. - Independent research: macroeconomic research, investment-related research and financial analysis are all done within Petercam and are carried out on an independent basis. - Team-driven decision-making process: all investment professionals work in close collaboration and are organised into small and nimble competence centres. - Agile and efficient teams "close to financial markets" - Risk awareness: Petercam is a risk-aware investment boutique. The added value offered to our clients is generated at various levels through a large number of components and in all stages of the investment decision-making process. - Fully invested.