Putnam Investments


Putnam Investments is a broad-based investment management company providing asset management to institutions and individuals through separately managed accounts, pooled vehicles, and mutual funds. One of the oldest and largest investment management firms in the United States, Putnam managed US$175 b... more

Specialist Services

Putnam Investments is a global asset manager with 70 years of experience in managing money through every market environment and across all major asset classes. With over 150 investment professionals overseeing over EUR 90 billion for clients worldwide, we offer investors the benefits of a well-resourced global manager with the differentiated, team-based investment strategies of a boutique. While each of our investment teams has a distinct philosophy and employs a unique process, all of them share a common approach: Putnam pursues superior, repeatable long-term results by seeking to outperform the market over shorter periods on a consistent basis. Our investment strengths are complemented by a strong commitment to service excellence. Our investment platform and the insights of our people, enable us to offer a wide range of innovative and customised solutions for our clients. Putnam equity capabilities are organised by style, geography, market capitalisation, and risk. Teams of portfolio managers and analysts integrate quantitative and fundamental techniques to identify opportunities across multiple return sources. They construct risk-efficient portfolios, focusing on opportunities that reflect their strongest convictions. Trading efficiency is enhanced by an experienced global trading desk and sophisticated trading tools. Putnam fixed income capabilities encompass all global sectors. A common risk, attribution, and trading platform allows customised single or multi-sector mandates. We pursue superior long term results through multiple alpha-generating strategies and by seeking to outperfom the market on a consistent basis over shorter periods. Global sector specialists identify opportunities and portfolio construction teams bring together their best ideas using proprietary construction and risk management tools. Putnam absolute and total return strategies leverage the teams and processes of our equity, fixed income, currency, and global asset allocation groups. With many of the same tools, they pursue higher alpha targets and are not bound by the constraints of traditional strategies (e.g.,long-only or no leverage).