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Tiburon Partners is an FSA authorised and regulated fund management business dedicated to delivering superior absolute return investment performance with effective risk management. We have a strong Asian focus and manage a range of strategies, the first of which was launched in 2003. The executive p... more

Specialist Services

In an age of information overload we believe that the key to successful investment is to distinguish “intelligence” from “information”. Both fund managers responsible for Tiburon Taipan Fund have more than 25 years continuous experience of investing in Asia which provides them with detailed intelligence on a large range of individual companies and a thorough understanding of how particular industries operate throughout an economic cycle. We believe we are well placed to judge what is discounted in the price and whether this is commensurate with history and realistic expectations of the future. We have strongly held macro views, but they only point us towards or away from sectors – they do not determine what we buy.