Vanguard Asset Management


Vanguard was founded in the United States in 1975 on a simple but revolutionary idea—that an investment company should manage the funds it offers in the sole interest of its clients. In 1976, Vanguard pioneered the concept of indexing, introducing the first index fund for individual investors in the... more

Key Staff

  • Koen Hoogenhout
    Senior Sales Executive
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  • Wim van Zwol
    Assistant Director

Specialist Services

As a strong proponent of the core-satellite investment approach, Vanguard Asset Management has developed a range of both indexed, enhanced equity and active investment solutions for European institutional investors. Vanguard investors benefit from an unparalleled expertise in index-tracking as well as from our extensive experience in developing relationships with and overseeing external active equity advisors. In addition to these investment solutions, we also offer investment related services to European institutional investors including portfolio transition management.