• The data may only be used for internal purposes. For using it for external marketing and PR purposes, Copyright applies. 
  • Trends: market trends, shifts in AuM's, fiduciary AuM's, Performances, Asset Mix, Number/Size, Funding ratio's, Costs, Positions etc. 
  • Analysis per individual marketplayer: analysing per market party in the modules of DATABASE: Peer Group analysis according to size or maturity or any criterium at choice
  • Analysis per group of market players:  for example in MANDATES > list of fiduciary managers, or in Longlists > list of asset managers or pension funds according to selection criterium. 
  • RFP report can be made: a Longlist report to be followed up by beauty parades. 
  • Asset Managers Benchmark Report: competitors benchmarking analysis of portfolio managers according to specific selecion criteria. 
  • Positioning Paper: Research module> Asset Managers and use Asset Managers module > Business Analysis; use Mandates module for analysing position of your comany versus peers, comparing growth potentials, analysing vulnerability of clientele (size AuM, kind of pensionfund), SWOT's, who are your main competitors on Longlists module
  • Graphs can be printed by using the 3 horizontal bars on top at the right of the graph. 
  • DATABASE, Pensionfunds: interest hedging may not be included in performances and can lead to slight deviations as is reported.